I have a new obsession! I’m absolutely in love with these eyeshadow palettes and I’m going to share with you why. I am all for cheap good quality eyeshadow, these two palettes are just a must to add to your collection. The pigment on each palette is just amazing I was pretty shocked at how much they show for such little money. The thing I love most is the range of colours you get in each, multiple looks can be created from subtle to how ever dramatic you would like! If you have not yet got these palettes you need them!






Good morning all,

So i am just sat having my breakfast and thought it was time for another

Is it just me or does this quote make you feel emotional? Its normal to not want to let things go when we want them so bad. But that’s what makes us so unhappy, deep down we know that things are not working but we cant seem to let go. Maby things where good once upon a time but you have to forget the past and realize right now your not happy. Some times in life things don’t last forever and you giving up doesn’t make you a loser it makes you the strongest person. This quote is not supposed to be sad, it motivational to remind you of what you deserve and that is to be happy! It could mean anything, you might not be happy with the job you have, the relationship your in or the friendship group you keep. Remember you only live one life and you don’t deserve to live it in anyway but happy! Go and enjoy your life and get rid of any negativity that refuse to leave, you deserve to live the best possible life you can!

I hope this wasn’t to ‘deep’, especially with it been morning. Hope you all have a lovely day and ill speak to you soon.



Would like to say a huge thank you to ASOSWEETLYFE for nominating me for the Liebster award. It’s my first time getting nominated for anything so it means a lot to me. Everyone needs to go check out her blog she never fails to impress me with her posts. ASOSWEETLYFE

The rules-

1. Post the award on your blog.
2. Thank the blogger who presented award and link back to their blog.
3. Write five random facts about yourself.
4. Nominate five bloggers (they should have less than 3000 followers)
5. Answer five questions posted by the presenter and ask your five nominees questions.

5 blog names-






5 random facts about me.

1. I am a huge clean freak. I feel hovering, dusting and random daily chores relaxes me. I love knowing when I’m coming in from a long day I have a clean room to come home to.

2. I have my own baby, he is a tea cup wolf sable Pomeranian.


3. I love watching box sets. I can sit for a whole day with a box set, tea and a huge watermelon and not move. My favourites are desperate housewives, friends, the vampire diaries and the walking dead. There is a lot more but. Would have you here forever if I said them all.

4. I am obsessed with cups, weird I know! I just love buying cups I must buy one every time I go shopping (obsessed).

5. Another obsession I love love love green tea!

5 questions my nominated asked me-

1. Why did you start your blog?

I have always had a passion for beauty and fashion, whilst also enjoying helping people whilst sharing ideas and techniques I have picked up and learnt myself. So I combined the both and thought my own blog would be a great way to do so. I also really enjoy it I feel it’s something I can truly call my own.

2. What are your 2015 New Years resolutions?

In 2015 I want to explore the world more and do more things out of my comfort zone. I want 2015 to be a great year with lots of memories filled with love and happyness.

3. What other hobbies do you enjoy doing?

I love to dance!

4. What is your guilty pleasure?

Eastenders! I love soaps and Eastenders is my favourite.

5. What is one thing you can’t live with out?

Perfume! You always got to smell goooood!

5 questions for my nominees-

1. Why did you start your blog?

2. What was your best memory of 2014?

3. If you could travel anywhere in the world where would it be?

4. If you could be anyone for a whole day who would it be?

5. What is the favourite post you have ever written?

Thanks again for nominating me x

Its getting closer to Christmas guys ahh! Today i am sharing with you my winter nightly skin care routine.


1. So at the end of a long day i just cant wait to take my make up off so to start with i use my Micellar cleansing water to remove all my make up. Cant describe how amazing this is by the way, if you don’t have it you need it!


2. I then go in with my Nivea soothing cleansing mousse to cleanse my face and remove any make up the micellar water never.


3. Next is another one of my favorite products and its clean & care blackhead clearing cleanser and its amazing! I use this by putting some on a cotton pad and rubbing it in circular motions on my troubled black head areas such as my chin and on, around my nose.


4. After that its my favorite part especially in winter when my skin is not its best, i moisturize using olay anti wrinkle moisturizer and i love this product because it makes my skin feel amazing and dries quick so i am not left with a sticky face, i hate that.


5. Last thing on my face is a olay eye jell and i just also rub in circular motions around my eye area.


6. Last but not least to make the rest of my body smooth i use nspa luscious and juicy red cherry rich body butter. I love this, it drys quick, and smells amazing! I always get complimented when i use this its literally like a perfume but on my whole body, and that’s all i do for my skin care routine. I am constantly changing the products i use but this has been the most effective routine so far.


I hope you all have a lovely day and enjoyed this post.


Is it just me who feels like every post they write in December needs to be christmasy? Every time i sit down to think up some ideas for a blog post i instantly think something festive. So i have a few lined up to write because i am just super excited and don’t want to waste taking advantage of the festive season whilst i can. Whilst feeling super exited to write festive Christmas posts, i also feel i have no Christmas spirit at home this year, not sure if its because i am getting older or something is just missing this year but its certainly not there. So today i am going to tell you and also myself the reason why i love the run up to Christmas!


1. Advent calenders

One of my top favorites about Christmas is the advent calender! Who ever created this idea needs a big hug because i think its fantastic! Its such a happy way to start the day going down finding the number of which day it is, opening your little door, knowing every time you open it, its getting closer and closer to Christmas! I must admit December is the only month i know exactly which day it is thanks to my calendar!


2. Christmas decorations

Love love love Christmas decorations! All day i look forward to just getting home sticking my comfy’s on, switching all my Christmas lights on, lighting candles, whilst drinking a hot chocolate wrapped up in my blanket. The decorations just make in ten times more comfy and cosy. I am the type of girl who fills the whole house in decorations not just the front room, no way!


3. Family time

Christmas is all about family and appreciating spending this time with them. Me and my family gather allot during December going for casual meals or cooking lots of food at home. But my favorite time is when we all get our pj’s on with our blankets and all gather round in the front room watching a Christmas film.


4. Presents

How can you forget the presents! And i don’t mean just receiving the present (even tho its super exciting) I also mean giving them to. I get more excited seeing my family open there presents more than me opening mine! Also shopping for there presents trying to find exactly what they would love, can be a nightmare at times buts its worth it seeing there face on a Christmas morning.


5. Christmas dinner

Now my favorite part by far is the Christmas dinner (drool) We wait a full year to get this one dinner and oh my its definitely worth it! Me and my family go all out, we all sit around a huge table with our Christmas hats on our crackers in hand, with the whole spread in the middle ready for us all to just took in!


As usual i hope you all enjoyed this festive post, its definitely give me a little bit of my Christmas spirit back and i hope your all enjoying your Christmas count down so far!



1. What’s your favorite hot chocolate?

Ooo difficult question there is so many! But my favorite this winter has definitely been malteser hot chocolate. You buy them in a pack with the hot chocolate already in plastic cups in discount UK.

2. What’s your favorite pjs?

I am not the kind of girl who always has to be matching. I love to wear baggy tops for bed so i went to Primark and bought a couple of over sized men tops and use them as my pajamas. I really don’t know why but i just love it so much super comfy!

3. What’s your favorite thing about winter?

The Christmas spirit! Theirs nothing that makes me happier than walking round the mall with all the Christmas decorations up and the Christmas songs playing! In my house its extremely Christmas right up to the 25th of December, got to take advantage guys!

4. What’s your favorite winter lip product?

Well recently been making my own lip scrub which @lucymariee showed how to do over on her blog which is super easy, cheap and works wonders!

5. What’s your favorite winter candle?

Yankee candle, Winter garden 100%.


6. What’s your favorite cozy jumper?

A over sized Christmas one i purchased at new look. Super cute!

7. What’s your favorite cozy scarf?

A cream snood i bought from Boohoo.com.

8. What’s your favorite bath bomb?

Twilight bath bomb from lush.

9. What’s your favorite winter scent?

Loving a cherry scent recently, i am currently using a Luscious and juicy red cherry shower scrub from nspa.

10. What are your favorite winter movies?

The Grinch, home alone and elf. There is many more!

11. Do you like the snow?

Yes, yes, yes!! Do you want to build a snowman?

I tag anyone who would enjoy answering these questions, if you have chosen to do this to, give me a comment below so i can go check it out!

Hope you all have a lovely day


Okay so i am super excited to show you my two favorite purchases of December so far! Recently i don’t know what it is but i am obsessed with hats, if you follow me on any of my social networking sites you will agree with me. The hat that got my obsession started was a bowler hat i purchased from H&M last year. So a year over due of purchasing a new one i was just having a nosey on boohoo.com and see these two hats for 10 pound each called ‘Sophie feather trim hat’ which came in beige and black, i fell in love with both and couldn’t decide which color to buy so i bought them both and i love them! I can tell this is only the start of my hat collection/ obsession so would really appreciate if anyone has purchased a hat for them selves that they love and would be so kind to share it with me.



Hope you all have a great day



Happy Monday everyone,

Its that time again, the beginning of a new week the day that everyone dreads. But today i am here with you sharing how i ‘manage my Mondays’.

There is nothing i hate more than starting a new week not feeling my best, so a routine i have stuck in for quite a while is making Sunday night my pamper night, so i can go into a new week with fresh nails, tan, smooth legs and all that jazz.

I know most people like to keep there Sunday’s there ‘lazy Sundays’ but i have learnt to realize that been lazy is not the best idea. I try to get my self to the gym every Sunday, to make feel refreshed and also tired ready to get a good early nights sleep which is also going to make me feel refreshed on a Monday morning.

As soon as i wake up i need a bit of motivation so i set my alarm to what ever song is my favorite that month and also place my comfy slippers and dressing gown beside my bed at the ready to know i wont be feeling the morning chills. Also the obvious which is hot cup of tea which i believe it to be a warm hug in a cup. A better alternative would obviously be coffee but since i am not a huge fan, tea is my next best friend.

Now to the worst part keeping motivated through out the day. I like to keep in my handbag a little bag of almonds to give me a boost of energy, a big bottle of water to keep me hydrated through out the day and i cant leave the house with out my headphones to enjoy some music whilst on the go.

I hope you enjoyed just a few pointers on how to make Mondays more enjoyable,
Thank you for reading



Are you guys as excited as I am that it’s Halloween tomorrow!? Am I also the only one who left there costume until the night before? I really could not be fussed with purchasing loads of different items or face paint this year so decided to go for some thing quick and easy but still super cute, and guess what no face paint, eyeliner is our best friend with this look.


This look is super easy to do, just start off with your normal foundation routine. You can go with any eyeshadow to your liking but I sticked with browns and gold with also a little bit of gold glitter. Now with your eyeliner to make it cheetah like, I used a jell liner and kept it super thin but also extended the wing pretty long, also to give it that little more I added a small point on the tear duct area. Nows the time to add your false lashes, or just mascara totally your choice, then fill in your eyebrows to. Now to get on to the cheetah all you need is a eyeliner pencil and add a selection of shapes on your face. Half circles, full circles and filled in circles. You can place your cheetah spots on any area of the face you would like. I also went in and added some gold glitter inside the cheetah spots but that’s totally optional. Then add your nose, dots on your top lip and fill in your top lip your all done.

I hope you enjoyed this quick Halloween look and if anyone recreates this look I would love for you to send me a picture, I hope you have a wonderful/spooky Halloween and don’t eat to many sweats (it’s impossible I know)







Can we all just take a moment to appreciate how stunning this packaging is! I would most definitely have to say these two palettes have been my best purchases in a while! The pigment of the eyeshadows are crazy, the different selection of colours on each palette is great to! I’m super excited to play around with the colours and see what I can create. They where both purchased in boots, priced at just £6.49 each. Which I personally think is a bargain for such a high quality palette. What we also can’t forget is they both have a blush to! Bonus. Unfortunately the starry eyed palette (my favourite one just to point out) is limited addition so if your interested to buy it for your self I would go and purchase this as soon as possible.

I would love to know what you think? Thank you


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